t-Local Domains and Valuation Domains

  • Marco FontanaEmail author
  • Muhammad Zafrullah
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In a valuation domain (VM), every nonzero finitely generated ideal J is principal and so, in particular, \(J=J^t\); hence, the maximal ideal M is a t-ideal. Therefore, the t-local domains (i.e., the local domains, with maximal ideal being a t-ideal) are “cousins” of valuation domains, but, as we will see in detail, not so close. Indeed, for instance, a localization of a t-local domain is not necessarily t-local, but of course a localization of a valuation domain is a valuation domain. So it is natural to ask under what conditions is a t-local domain a valuation domain? The main purpose of the present paper is to address this question, surveying in part previous work by various authors containing useful properties for applying them to our goal.



The authors would like to thank Francesca Tartarone and Lorenzo Guerrieri for the useful conversations on some aspects of the present paper and the anonymous referee for several helpful suggestions which improved the quality of the manuscript.


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