The Changing Role of Regional Organisation of Councils in Australia: Case Studies from Perth Metropolitan Region

  • Shahed KhanEmail author
  • Bhishna Bajracharya
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This chapter seeks to make a case for regional integration of urban governance at the local government level in Australia. Growing complexity of planning issues and changing community values require governments to constantly look for innovative formats of governance. There is a need to promote models of governance based on collaboration rather than competition between government entities. At the level of local government, collaborative partnerships that are sustainable can be reached between adjoining councils contributing as equals and driven by common values and the need to cooperate for better outcomes. By entering into voluntary agreements in the form of regional organisations of councils, an individual local council could enable itself to rise beyond solving problems regarding provision of services to its rate payers, to additionally take an active role in tackling higher level problems relating to regional development and sustainable development. This chapter describes the role played by regional organisations of councils in Australia in general, referring to a few case studies from Western Australia.


Voluntary and statutory regional organisation of councils Integrated governance Inter-governmental cooperation Multi-stakeholder cooperation Local council amalgamation Regional development organisations 


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