Basic Surgical Technique for Management of AS Kyphosis

  • Guoquan Zheng
  • Zhijun Xin
  • Yan Wang


Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) results in typical spinal deformities, for example, flattening of lumbar lordosis or lumbar kyphosis, as well as worsening of smooth thoracic hyperkyphosis. These fixed kyphosis and synthetic positive sagittal deformities not only damage the walking ability but also lead to significant pain, which may limit many patients’ mental activity and physiological functions, such as interpersonal communication, walking, driving, and the like. Surgery may be the appropriate option for managing these patients [1]. Of course, dysfunction’s degree is a vital factor when considering surgery [2], because most patients require spinal osteotomy to obtain adequate correction, so patients are a huge challenge for spine surgeons during surgery.


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