International Legal Regime: Analysis of Cases Relating to Global Terrorism

  • Ananya Chakraborty


Post 9/11 attacks, terrorist activities have evolved the extradition laws. Both extradition and terrorism is interconnected to other branches of public international law. Irrespective of the nature of perpetrator of terrorist acts, it has globalized the political violence, which has further given rise to sectoral treaties on terrorism. International humanitarian law and international criminal law have not incorporated terrorism as an international offence, however judicial institutions have consistently interpreted to the finding that terrorist attacks are prohibited under international and non international armed conflicts and, the States are bound to punish the alleged offenders. Judicial decisions, showcase the challenges in prosecuting individuals, and lay down emerging norms of finding individuals criminally responsible committing offences violating of customary laws of war, and treaty crimes, irrespective of their official capacity while committing those crimes.


Global terrorism Non-international armed conflict Crimes against humanity Geneva conventions International criminal tribunal for rwanda International criminal tribunal for yugoslavia Hybrid tribunals International court of justice 

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