Fabrication and Machining Characteristics of Al7075-Red Mud and Al7075-TiC Metal Matrix Composites

  • Chinmayee Kar
  • B. SurekhaEmail author
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In the present research work, an attempt is made to fabricate two different aluminum-based metal matrix composites (AMMCs), namely Al7075-red mud and Al7075-TiC composites. The MMCs are made by adding 6 wt% of red mud and same percentage of TiC separately using stir casting method. Once the specimens are made, machining characteristics of the said AMMCs are studied by using electric discharge machining (EDM). During experimentation, investigations are carried out to study the effect of machining parameters such as peak current and pulse on time on the tool wear rate (TWR), material removal rate (MRR), and radial over cut (ROC) of two developed MMCs. It is observed that MRR is seen to be less, and TWR and ROC are found to be high for Al7075-TiC composites when compared to the Al7075-red mud composites.


Al7075-red mud MMC Al7075-TiC MMC Stir casting Electric discharge machining 


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