Chapter Eight Postsocialist Ibsenism Beyond Class Ideology

  • Kwok-kan Tam


Ibsen has created long-lasting impacts in China because the provocative social messages in his plays meet the needs for social change in China. The messages presented in his plays, such as social moral, institution, family, gender and self, are universal and basic to human life no matter how China has changed. Ibsen’s impacts are longer lasting and greater in effect than are those of many other thinkers because Ibsen’s ideas are conveyed through artistic means that have created new discourses on social reality. Ibsenism is stage presentations of new realities of the self and new social psychology. It is ideology that has become art, and art that has become ideology. In the Chinese context, re-imagination of the self has an ideological power in reshaping social relations. Ibsenism is the art of public sphere.

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