Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness in Iran

  • Masoomeh RashidghalamEmail author
Part of the Perspectives on Development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region book series (PDMENA)


Iran is a transitional society in which the agricultural sector has an important role to play in meeting basic needs of society. The country requires a dynamic and sustainable move for optimizing the available resources and increasing the quality and quantity of agricultural products with an emphasis on maintaining or enhancing the quality of these resources. Considering the importance of sustainable agriculture in Iran, this book examines different aspects of this issue in the country. The core purpose of editing this book is to identify situations and problems of sustainability in Iran’s agricultural sector. This volume is a collection of ten selected empirical studies on agricultural economics and agribusiness of Iran. Chapters of this volume are grouped into three domains: risk management and climate change; natural resources and environmental economics; and agricultural prices and commodity market analysis. The studies talk about main challenges of Iran’s sustainable agriculture and agribusiness and suggest policy recommendations to decision makers and government agencies.


Iran Agribusiness Risk management Sustainable agriculture 


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