One Voice of Europe?

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The European project has led to over 60 years of peace and the creation of wealth on the European continent, though these facts are often overlooked in particular by some of its younger citizens. There is now a generation which has grown up around this idea of peace in Europe and anything else seems foreign to them. These achievements would not have been possible without a fair degree of unity among the European Union (EU)’s member states, which has become more challenging and needed some calibration after the historic enlargement of the European Union in 2004. Today, this unity is being challenged by issues such as Brexit and the election of populists across the continent. This has led to increasing scepticism towards the European project’s ability to cope with globalisation and fast technological change, recent economic crisis and the ongoing migration crisis. However, the roots of the EU run deep, and its single market continues to deliver wealth and prosperity to its member states, their citizens, companies and workers.

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