The Modernization of Malay Theatre: From the Makeshift Stages of the Bangsal to the Proscenium Stage

  • Solehah ISHAK


This chapter takes a look at the modernization of theatre in Malaysia delineating it from the non-scripted traditional theatre forms, incorporating the transitional bangsawan form, before studying the modernization of Malay plays which started with the sandiwara form to truly develop later into the drama moden (the modern drama) form as exemplified in selected realistic plays. The thrust of this chapter is only on these modernization periods of the sandiwara and realistic modern drama periods in the development of Malay theatre in Malaysia. The focus would be on the structural forms, thematic contents, the places of presentation and the recipient audiences of selected and representative modern Malay plays. The chapter concludes by evaluating this modern theatre phase and trajectorizing it into the current, “new” millennium state of theatre development.


Traditional Modern theatres Bangsawan Sandiwara 


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