Wind Turbines Integration into Power Systems: Advanced Control Strategy for Harmonics Mitigation

  • Alex ReisEmail author
  • José Carlos de Oliveira
  • Leandro Pains Moura
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When considering the topic of grid integration, it is recognized that wind farms can bring about negative power quality impacts at the connection point. A lot of attention has been given to this type of generation system, aiming at achieving the required level of compatibility between the wind turbine and the AC grid. Amongst the various existing power quality phenomena, harmonic distortion emerges as a relevant challenge once power electronics converters that currently exist on wind energy conversion systems have a direct effect upon the Voltage Harmonic Total Distortion (THD). The search for solutions that reduce the harmonic current injection emerge as an issue that needs ample consideration. In this context, this chapter is focused on two main points directed to full converter wind turbines (type IV). The first exploits an analysis and an experimental validation of the physical factors responsible for harmonic current emissions. The second part contemplates an advanced control strategy aimed at reducing the level of harmonic currents.



The authors are grateful to CAPES, FAPEMIG (Project: TEC APQ 2381-13) and FAPDF (Project: 193.001.505/2017) for the financial support for this research.


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  • Leandro Pains Moura
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