Sensitivity Analysis of Frequency Regulation Parameters in Power Systems with Wind Generation

  • Julian PatiñoEmail author
  • José David López
  • Jairo Espinosa
Part of the Power Systems book series (POWSYS)


In power systems, frequency constitutes a parameter indicating the equilibrium between power demanded by load and energy produced by generation systems. This chapter studies the effects of varying different system parameters on the overall performance of the traditional frequency regulation system when including contributions of renewable energy sources. A model for the inclusion of variable speed wind turbines in the frequency control loops is analyzed, and parametric sensitivity functions are established using linearized models and transfer function representations for the system components. Through both theoretical analysis and performance simulations, the impact of an inaccurate representation of system inertia in frequency performance is established. Stability analysis for inertia sensitivity of frequency regulation involving wind generation is also provided. Results indicate more robustness to parameter variations for systems including wind turbine participation. However, the frequency deviation rate increases when the uncertainty in system parameters grows. This behavior might lead to instability scenarios under frequency disturbances for the power system.



Colciencias supported contributions of J. Patiño through the program “Convocatoria 528—Convocatoria Nacional para Estudios de Doctorados en Colombia 2011”.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Julian Patiño
    • 1
    • 2
    Email author
  • José David López
    • 3
  • Jairo Espinosa
    • 1
  1. 1.Universidad Nacional de ColombiaManizalesColombia
  2. 2.I. U. Pascual BravoMedellínColombia
  3. 3.Universidad de Antioquia UDEAMedellínColombia

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