Diagnosing the Health of a Plant in a Click

  • Anupam Chandra
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 134)


In today’s world of social media, not a single person or region is untouched by it. Even in rural regions with poor Internet connectivity and inadequate electricity supply, people are using smartphones with active social media accounts. Social media has made them educated enough to click photos and share them on sites. This learning can be used to introduce new technologies to tech novices. Using a similar approach, an app is designed using an artificial intelligence-based image recognition technique for predicting the health of a plant by analyzing its photograph. Farmers have to take snapshots using a mobile camera and upload them in the app, and in real time, they will get the diagnosis about the health of the plant. This paper provides insight into the design research process and outcome of the design of a mobile app for plant disease identification. The paper deals with creating a product that replicates existing physical systems to avoid dedicated user training. The research also aims to empower farmers by reducing their dependence on third parties for disease diagnosis by bringing the diagnosis to their smartphones.


Image identification Smartphone application Agtech Smart farming 



Author acknowledges Eka Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore for providing infrastructure and resources required for conducting this study.


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