True-Fill: A Prototype to Know Actual Fuel Filled at Petrol Pump Using Sensors for Common Indians

  • Tanmoy GoswamiEmail author
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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 134)


Newspapers are often filled with news of tempered petrol pumps and pump mafia cheating the common people using chips. Common bikers are usually unaware of such chips. They get less quantity of fuel than the amount they pay. All bikes have fuel indicators on the dashboard but these indicators do not display the accurate value in numeric format of the present fuel inside the tank. Minimum changes in fuel level inside the tank are not reflected on display. Common Indian bikers are often unable to detect such minor changes on a fuel indicator for less than 100 ml fuel value. According to the user study, it is found that most of the bikers have less trust on indicators of fuel dispenser machines of petrol pumps. This paper proposes a sensor-based fuel indicator system which is designed to indicate true fuel value inside the bike’s fuel tank. The proposed prototype of True-Fill (proposed name for a microcontroller-based system to indicate true value of petrol filled) system would help the common people of India to protect themselves from tempered petrol pump.


Fuel indicator Tempered petrol pump Petrol pump scam Chips used in pumps Microcontroller Sensors 


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