Redevelopment of Urban Flood Plains

  • M. Y. SuprithaEmail author
  • B. S. Sheethal
  • K. Shreyas
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As per Rashtriya Barh Aayog, 12% of the land in India comes under the flooded area, which comprise nearly 40 million hectare land. From 1915 to 2015, India has faced 649 disaster and 302 out of 649 were caused due to flood (CRED). CRED data also highlights that the decadal change of flood and its effect on human life and economy is increasing rapidly. Provision of better quality infrastructure based on vulnerability of areas, considering the socio-economic, environmental and physical aspects of the city will avoid the trigger of floods. Use of modern technology and strategies also plays a very important role in preventing the flood and its immediate effects on environment, further leading to a healthy growth of the city. Based on the analysis over the parameters, the width of the buffer zones, infrastructural development measures have been identified. The need for the design interventions and sensitiveness needed towards the different mitigation strategies for the sustainable development of the city have been detailed out in the study proposals.


Sustainability Buffer zone Infrastructure Floods 


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