Modeling of Constitutive Equation and Microstructure Evolution of New Wrought Superalloy GH4066

  • Yanju WangEmail author
  • Chonglin Jia
  • Xingwu Li
  • Aixue Sha
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Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 217)


Thermo-physical simulation experiment was carried out on Gleeble-3800 to characterize the flow stress of wrought superalloy GH4066 under different deformation conditions. Based on the test results, a constitutive model of the alloy was established in the form of Avrami equation. In order to study the microstructure evolution of the alloy during hot deformation, metallographic test and relevant analysis were performed. The model on grain size of the alloy in the dynamic recrystallization process was established using Zener–Hollomon parameter, and dynamic recrystallization fraction model was determined. The grain growth model, the peak strain, and critical strain models of the alloy were established on the basis of the achieved results.


GH4066 Modeling Microstructure evolution Dynamic recrystallization Grain growth 


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  • Chonglin Jia
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  • Xingwu Li
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  • Aixue Sha
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  1. 1.Aviation Engine Corporation of China, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical MaterialsBeijingChina

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