HABKS: Hierarchical Attribute-Based Keyword Search on Outsourcing Data

  • Jingyang Yu
  • Wenchang Shi
  • Bo Qin
  • Bin Liang
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 960)


Searching over encrypted data is a critical operation to enforce the encryption-before-outsourcing mechanism, which is a fundamental solution to protect data privacy in the untrusted cloud environment. However, most of the existing searchable encryption solutions suffer from the problem of key management and the problem of flexible and fine-grained access control in multi-data owners and multi-data users environment.

Therefore, we propose a hierarchical attribute-based keyword search (HABKS) scheme. Our scheme not only realizes the order management of the key because of its hierarchical structure, but also implements a flexible and fine-grained access control depending on CP-ABE for encrypting keywords indexes and data files. We formally prove the security of HABKS, and then analyze the performance of HABKS. Finally, we implement HABKS scheme with comprehensive experiments. Experiment results show that it is efficient and flexible for searching encrypted data in cloud.


Cloud computing Outsourcing data Searchable encryption Hierarchical authorization Attribute-Based Encryption 



This work was supported in part by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (Grant NO. 61472429, 61070192, 91018008, 61303074, 61170240, 61772538), the National Key R&D Program of China (Grant No. 2017YFB1400700), Beijing Nature Science Foundation (Grant No. 4122041), National High-Tech Research Development Program of China (Grant No. 2007AA01Z414), and National Science and Technology Major Project of China (Grant No. 2012ZX01039-004).


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  1. 1.School of InformationRenmin University of ChinaBeijingChina
  2. 2.School of Computer and Information EngineeringHenan UniversityKaifengChina

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