Design of a Compact High Gain Wide Band Ψ Shaped Patch Antenna on Slotted Circular Ground Plane

  • Anitha PeramEmail author
  • Agarala Subba Rami Reddy
  • Mahendra N. Giri Prasad
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 968)


A compact wideband high gain Ψ shaped patch antenna on circular ground plane is proposed. The patch is designed and fabricated on FR4 substrate with a thickness of 1.6 mm and is compact in size as 122.7 mm2 including ground plane. The SMA connector with a center radius of 0.36 mm is connected at a coordinate (x = 5 mm, y = 3.3125 mm) as a feeding line to give RF signal as input. A wide impedance bandwidth is obtained due to the slots on the radiating element and by placing shorting post near zero potential fields makes the structure compact. An impedance bandwidth is further enhanced by placing an inverted U-slot on ground plane. The proposed structure is resonating at five different frequencies 1.924 GHz, 2.88 GHz, 5.29 GHz, 8.58 GHz and 12.27 GHz yields an impedance bandwidth of 345 MHz, 92 MHz, 200 MHz and 4.77 GHz respectively. Reflection coefficient (S11) at 8.58 GHz & 12.27 GHz is −36.37 dB and −44.61 dB respectively. The proposed antenna is giving a maximum gain of 6.1 dB and has a stable radiation pattern with in the resonating band. The designed antenna is fabricated and is experimentally validated for the results. It reveals that the proposed antenna is suitable for WLAN and X band applications.


Circular ground plane Shorting post Inverted U slot X band WLAN band 


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  • Agarala Subba Rami Reddy
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  • Mahendra N. Giri Prasad
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  2. 2.G.K. College of EngineeringSullurpetIndia

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