Sub-Diffraction-Limited Nanolithography

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


Sub-diffraction-limited nanolithography is one of the main applications in EO 2.0. In this chapter, we first give a brief introduction about the diffraction-limited lithography and the significance of breaking diffraction limit. Then we would like to summarize the research achievements of plasmonic lithography in the manners of interference, imaging, and direct writing. Some representative techniques are described in detail. The key aspects in evaluating the performance of plasmonic lithography are also discussed, such as resolution, fidelity, and the aspect ratio of nanopatterns. Some new physics and materials accompanying plasmonic devices design as well as lithography are presented. Subsequently, we discuss the engineering aspects of plasmonic lithography, like depth amplification and pattern transfer, resolution enhancement, and precision systems. In addition, practical applications of plasmonic lithography are introduced. The remaining problems and outlooks of plasmonic lithography are given in the end.


Plasmonic lithography Diffraction limit Evanescent waves 


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