Radiation Engineering and Optical Phased Array

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


Radiation is a very important energy conversion process in engineering optics. Effective thermal radiation management can not only improve the efficiency of thermophotovoltaics but also realize passive radiative cooling, thermal cloak, and camouflage. Besides, light-emitting diode (LED) with small volume and high efficiency is poised to replace the traditional light bulb and liquid crystal display (LCD) in the next few decades. In addition, minimized micro-/nanolaser that can serve as coherent light sources in on-chip electro-photonic circuits can be widely applied in nanoscale applications. Finally, if the phase retardation of coherent emitters can be actively controlled in a compact manner, high-performance optical phased light detection and ranging will replace the traditional beam scanning technology based on mechanical steering. In this chapter, we give a detailed discussion about the radiation engineering technology and optical phased array.


Thermal radiations Thermophotovoltaics Light-emitting diodes Micro- and nanolasers Optical phased arrays 


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