Generation and Manipulation of Special Light Beams

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


Special light beams satisfying the Helmholtz equation are of great importance in various applications ranging from high-resolution imaging, high data capacity optical communication to micromanipulation in EO 2.0. In this chapter, we summarize some typical special light beams emerging in recent decades and having attracted arising attentions. We especially review their generating and modulating methods with subwavelength structures, which are the core building blocks in EO 2.0. By suitably adjusting the shape, size, position, and orientation of the structures with high spatial resolution, one can control the basic properties of light (phase, amplitude, polarization) and thus engineer the beams’ wavefront profile at will. This possibility greatly expands the frontiers of optical engineering with attendant reduction of thickness, size, and complexity.


Photonic spin Hall effect Vortex beam Bessel beam Airy beam 


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