DV-HOP Based Hybrid Range-Free Localization Methods for Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Ananya DwivediEmail author
  • P. Raghu Vamsi
Conference paper
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Localization in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is the process of discovering location by a location unaware node with the help of known locations of reference nodes. Among the available localization techniques, a category of localization technique called range-free localization has received considerable attention in the WSN research due to low processing, memory, and energy overheads. However, each localization method has its own advantages and limitations in the view of performance. To this end, this paper analyses four well-known range-free localization methods such as Distance Vector Hop (DV-HOP), 2D-Hyperbolic (2DH), Weighted Centroid Localization (WCL) and Concentric Anchor Based (CAB) localization with respect to their performance. With the experience gained from the analysis, this paper then proposes and analyses the performance of DV-HOP based hybrid localization methods for WSNs. The simulation results from MATLAB shown that the DV-HOP with 2DH resulting into high localization accuracy as compared to other methods.


2D-Hyperbolic Concentric anchor based method DV-HOP Localization Sensor nodes Wireless Sensor Networks WCL 


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