Shared Folder Based Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing

  • Yashveer YadavEmail author
  • C. Rama KrishnaEmail author
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 958)


Virtual Machine Migration (VMM) is a process to migrate Virtual Machine (VM) from one physical host to another physical host. VMM is a complex task and can degrade the performance of overall cloud computing experience. VMM generates heavy network traffic that leads to network congestion. This network congestion further leads to packet loss and increases the total migration time. To handle such problem, we have proposed Shared Folder Based Migration (SFBM) approach to minimize the total migration time and network congestion. SFBM approach uses the modified pre-copy migration technique to relocate the data from source host to destination host. We have categorized the data into two categories: (1) working data set (2) data at rest. In proposed SFBM approach, we send the current working data set at the time of migration and resumes the VM at the destination host without sending data at rest. The data at rest reaches the destination from time to time according to the client request. This may increase the page fault but leads to less network congestion effectively speed up the transmission and making delay negligible to end user. We further analysed the proposed SFBM approach in different scenarios. The results show that proposed SFBM approach significantly reduces the total migration time and packet loss up to 91% and 32% respectively in scenario of no data requested after VM migration.


Virtualization Virtual machine Pre-copy Post-copy Virtual machine migration Shared folder based migration 


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  2. 2.NITTTRChandigarhIndia

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