Research on China’s Cruise Tourism Market Cultivation and Standardization System

  • Xinliang YeEmail author
  • Younong Wang


In the process of China’s cruise market transformation from high-speed growth to steady growth, related parties need to work together to standardize the cruise tourism market, follow the development practices of international cruise tourism, properly solve the problems such as the poor implementation of the responsibilities of the main bodies of cruise tourism market, the lack of smooth sales channels, the incompleteness of cruise tourist rights protection mechanism, the incompleteness of the cruise tourism culture cultivation and promotion mechanism, standardize the development of the cruise tourism market, release the cruise market vitality, realize the orderly competition in the cruise market, build a standardized, orderly, active and competitive cruise tourism market, establish a new cruise tourism market cultivation and standardization system, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cruise market in China.


Cruise tourism Market cultivation Standardization system Sustainable development 


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