Establishment and Application of National Integrity Management System for Cruise Ports

Shanghai Cruise Port Case
  • Jingjun GuEmail author


With rapid development of cruise industry, cruise integrity issues have gradually drawn attention. Shanghai Government departments and port authorities also developed and announced a series of policies and regulations on cruise integrity issues, and have achieved some results. However, they are not on the same path of development. In this paper, the establishment of cruise port integrity management system is discussed on the principle of comprehensiveness and delicacy, scientific reasonability, sufficient quantification and strong operability and on the basis of the existing research results, incorporating current status of Chinese integrity development and Shanghai cruise port integrity management as well as cruise industry development characteristics, so as to facilitate active establishment of Shanghai cruise industry integrity when the system is put into practice, to maintain development order of cruise economy, and to push forward sustainable and healthy development of cruise industry, thus producing experience and a pattern which is duplicable nationwide to contribute to Shanghai and even national economic growth.


Cruise port Integrity management system System establishment Practical application 

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