Emerging Point-of-Care Diagnostic Methods for Disease Detection

  • Smriti Singh
  • Pranav Tripathi
  • Seema NaraEmail author


Diagnosis being an integrated part of healthcare industry majorly focuses on sensitivity, specificity and cost-effectiveness to ensure maximum projection of population. These parameters are interdependent and tend to change according to the disease to be diagnosed. Being an inseparable part of diagnostics, point-of-care diagnostics (POCD) holds a significant place and captures a giant market segment too. Despite tangible progresses in POC diagnostics, issues regarding consistency, data acquisition, correlation, data annotation and data relocation require novel strategies for addressing. In this context, this chapter discusses the existing as well as the emerging technologies where an optimal sequential advancement can be studied in reference to POC diagnostics. The chapter discusses the change in recent approaches due to which admirable reports have illuminated novel technologies.


POCD Lateral flow immunoassay Microfluidics Surface plasmon resonance Point-of-care testing 



We greatly acknowledge the Department of Biotechnology, MNNIT, Allahabad, for providing all necessary support towards writing this chapter.


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