Study on the Cold Storage Agent for Food Insulation Packaging

  • Fangfang LuEmail author
  • Baoying Wang
  • Qingbao Wei
  • Jingzhou Wang
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The purpose of the research is to study the thermal insulation properties of NaCl, KCl, propanetriol, C2H5OH and saccharose, which are as the non-toxic primary energy storage agent. In order to obtain the optimum proportion, the rising and cooling curve is tested to find which can preserve heat for longer time. Finally, it obtains the results that the proportion of 6% saccharose + 6% propanetriol + 6% C2H5OH is cooling faster and rising slower, and the stable performance make it suitable for fruit and vegetable storage coolant. Further more, the effect of cooling and keeping fresh fruits and vegetables is more outstanding in the way of interval placing in the incubator.


Insulation packaging Cold storage agent Energy storage agent 


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  • Baoying Wang
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  • Qingbao Wei
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  • Jingzhou Wang
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