Thulium: YAG Laser Resection for Benign Prostatic Enlargement

  • Karl Marvin M. Tan
  • Sid C. Sergio
  • Romeo Lloyd T. Romero


Introduction: Benign prostatic enlargement has been a major part of urology and its treatment has been challenged by numerous technologies arising as the years go by. TURP remains a standard in comparison to new techniques that has been introduced. Recently laser, specifically thulium:yag, has been found to be a promising contender for TURP.

Techniques: Two techniques are available when using thulium:yag laser for the benign prostate. It includes laser enucleation which involves the use of a morcellator and vaporesection which is done if the morcellator is not available.

Outcomes and complications: Based on numerous studies, outcomes and complication rates of TLRP compared to that of TURP is very much comparable.

Conclusion and recommendations: TLRP is relatively safe and practical and offers a good alternative to TURP. Results from various studies with this new laser technology are encouraging.


Thulium Laser prostatectomy Laser resection TLRP ThuVEP ThuVARP Vaporesection Benign prostatic enlargement TURP Laser 


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  • Sid C. Sergio
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  • Romeo Lloyd T. Romero
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