• Nikola Pijović
Part of the Africa's Global Engagement: Perspectives from Emerging Countries book series (AGEG)


Pijovic reiterates the main arguments made in the book and expands on the issue of Australia as a sui generis emerging engager or ‘new’ actor in Africa. Pijovic outlines the main commonalities ascribed to emerging countries’ engagement with Africa in order to argue that Australia shares none of those and is therefore unique. Australia’s engagement with Africa is not driven by a desire to secure valuable resources, nor is it motivated by geopolitical and strategic considerations aimed at countering the influence of rival countries. The only trait Australia exhibits which is similar to other emerging countries’ engagement with Africa—such as Brazil—is its desire to use that engagement to advance its international reputation and influence—but even that lasted only a few years.


Australia and Africa ‘New’ actor Emerging country Sui generis China Brazil 


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