Evolutionary Game Analysis of Supply Chain Subjects’ Information-Sharing from the Perspective of Building Industrialization

  • Yue LiEmail author
  • Yong-qing Li
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The recent introduction of industry 4.0 and the promotion of the “One Belt One Road” initiative have had a positive impact on China’s efforts towards architectural industrialization. This has been an important change for the traditional construction industry and an inevitable trend for the future development of the construction industry. Currently, the industrialization development of Chinese architecture is at an important stage, and it requires a scientific and efficient construction supply chain management to add value. This paper builds a model based on an evolutionary game theory to analyze the information-sharing process of construction supply chain companies that possess a solid background of building industrialization, and provides a theoretical basis for the development of supply chain management for main enterprises.


Construction supply chain Construction industrialization Evolutionary game Information-sharing 



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