Design of Parallel Coupled Line Band-Pass Filter Using DGS for WiMAX Applications

  • Karunesh SrivastavaEmail author
  • Rajeev Singh
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 898)


Filter constitutes an integral part of microwave wireless communication systems. In this work, a parallel coupled line band-pass filter is proposed using defected ground structure (DGS) for WiMAX applications, which not only reduces the size but also the mutual coupling between the resonators is enhanced. The parallel coupled band-pass filter is implemented by introducing DGS in the ground plane. Effective inductance and capacitance of a transmission line are dependent on DGS as observed from results. The entire proposed filter is designed and fabricated on 1.6-mm-thick FR-4 substrate with tangent loss of 0.02 by using 50 Ω resistance. For validation of fabricated design, fabricated filter is measured using vector network analyzer and also compared with simulated results.


Dumbbell-shaped DGS Insertion loss Parallel coupled band-pass filter Return loss VSWR 


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