CMOS-Compatible Advanced Multiplexing Technology

  • Jing Wang
Part of the Springer Theses book series (Springer Theses)


In this chapter, we study the advanced multiplexing scheme in CMOS-compatible silicon-based optical interconnection. First, we introduce the latest progress of the three most widely used multiplexing schemes, WDM, polarization multiplexing (PDM) and MDM. Then the design theory, layout drawing and experimental validation of AWG for DWDM applications were studied. Then two novel polarization beam splitter (PBS) and MDM devices for ultra-broadband applications are studied, and their performance and processing tolerance are analyzed. The multiplexing of information is the most commonly used technology to improve the communication capacity. The typical multiplexing technology includes time, wavelength, mode, polarization and orbital angular momentum [1, 2]. In this chapter, we study three multiplexing technology for silicon optical interconnections, which are wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), polarization-division multiplexing (PDM) and mode-division multiplexing (MDM).


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