CMOS-Compatible Silicon Electro-Optic Modulator

  • Jing WangEmail author
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In this chapter, we have studied the pure silicon electro-optic modulation devices compatible with CMOS process. First, the latest development of pure electro-optic modulator based on plasma dispersion effect is introduced. Then, the design theory of pure silicon electro-optic modulator is systematically put forward, and the method of optimizing the size of doping area in the modulator waveguide is introduced through the combination of semiconductor process simulation software and in-house programming. Then, we investigated the equivalent circuit model of carrier-depletion modulator structure with the lateral PN junction, and the extraction of various circuit elements, and optimized the traveling-wave electrode based on theory of microwave transmission line. Finally, processing and characterization of our pure silicon electro-optic modulator with two typical structures were reported.


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