Cloud Forensics in Relation to Criminal Offences and Industrial Attacks in Mauritius

  • Dhanush LeelodharryEmail author
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The cloud can be referred as an infrastructure with large data centres that gives the possibility to run and share resources on your computer, mobile phones or any other device connected with the Internet and in. In Mauritius, many companies are moving towards the cloud and cloud forensics have become important components in the field of investigation. Cloud forensics means how to investigate cybercrimes in cloud environments. Emphasis on concept of the cloud, its mode of forensics and difficulties encountered during an investigation on the cloud. Further, law implications and legislations in Mauritius for computer misuse are also being described. It is obvious that the cloud provides many advantages as described in this paper. However, along with this service, there are several challenges before extracting evidence in case of attacks. These include acquisition of evidence and its preservation, chain of custody and legislation.


Cloud forensics Cybercrime Cloud computing SLA Chain of custody 



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