High-Performance Concrete (HPC)—An Innovative Cement Concrete Mix Design to Increase the Life Span of Structures

  • G. KarthikeyanEmail author
  • M. Balaji
  • Adarsh R. Pai
  • A. Muthu Krishnan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 25)


This research work proposes the innovative cement concrete mix design as per the BIS code specifications. The mix proportion was arrived based on the various trial mixes by changing the dosage of mineral and chemical admixtures. Workability of concrete was achieved by changing the dosage of superplasticizers. The fresh and hardened properties of HPC are studied with the help of various tests such as workability test, compressive strength, split tensile strength test, flexural strength test, and modulus of elasticity, which are carried out in the laboratory. In addition to the mix design and strength properties, the durability of HPC is also studied with the help of water absorption test, water permeability test, and rapid chloride penetration test which are conducted in the laboratory. The test results were discussed, and based on the test, the optimum mix proportions are highlighted in the conclusion.


High-performance concrete Silica fume Metakaolin Superplasticizer Durability 


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