China’s Public Service and Civil Service Capacity Building

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When delivering public services, China adheres to the concept of people-centred development and remains committed to meeting the needs of its people for a better life. Hence, the Chinese government has safeguarded and enhanced people’s well-being while developing the country, so that the coverage and quality of public services can be improved in tandem with economic growth. Delivering public services with Chinese characteristics focuses on (a) prioritising the development of basic public services, so as to ensure equal access to such services by all of its citizens; (b) adhering to the principle of “putting science and education first”, effectively prioritising the development of the public education system, effectively enabling people’s access to education, with an emphasis placed on science and technology; (c) ensuring the provision of moderate-level public services to people, aiming to eventually provide complete coverage for public services, observing a balance between fairness and efficiency and sustainable development; (d) increasing the government’s financial outlays to support the expansion of public services, to the extent that such public services may consume the lion’s share of the state budget resources; and (e) diversifying the supply of public services by establishing “public-private partnerships” for their delivery.



The efforts of the translator of this chapter, Bing Wang of the Department of International Cultural Exchanges, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, are highly appreciated.


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