A PID Load Frequency Controller Design via Pole Placement and Approximate Frequency Response Matching

  • Anand KumarEmail author
  • Md Nishat Anwar
  • Ashraf Raza
Conference paper


The performance deterioration may occur in the large-scale modern power system due to a sudden change in load and the variations in system parameter. Due to this reason, modern control design technique of power system plays a significant role in load frequency control (LFC). In this paper, PID load frequency controller design via pole placement and approximate frequency response matching for single-area and two-area power systems has been proposed to retain frequency deviation error and tie-line power exchange between the areas within nominal specified limits. The generation rate constraint (GRC) has been used as nonlinearity in the proposed design method, and its limitation is overcome by anti-GRC scheme. Different cases of power system are simulated and compared with the other well-known methods, to show the supremacy of the proposed design method.


LFC PID controller Pole placement technique Frequency response matching 



The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Department of Science and Technology, India (under project grant no. ECR/16/001547) at NIT Patna, India.


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