Climate Change Displacement and Refugees: ‘Normative Debate’

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  • Nafees Ahmad
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The mass human displacement caused by climate change and its ramifications have generated and gestated the normative debate about climate change-induced displacement. The climate change is destined to emplace new humanity of displaced populations in future, and it has been exacerbating the current human displacements as well. The stability of humanity is bound to be adversely affected and socioeconomic, politico-cultural and lego-institutional drivers, all at the same time. Therefore, climate change has been producing refugees in multiple manners, compelling people to relocate or migrate from their homes, contributing to the emergence of conflict situations and jeopardizing human security dimensions. Such scenarios are bound to shrink the natural resources, make reserves scarce and inaccessible for the present and posterity. Hence, there are questions regarding the climate change-induced displacement, identification of contours of the normative debate regarding human mobility and recognizing the climate change rights as human rights. Therefore, the instant chapter dwells upon the different approaches, concepts and debates in underscoring the climate refugees in the absence of international, regional and national laws and policies on them. It critically analyses the interfaces of minimalists and maximalists on climate change-induced displacement and its theoretical constructs while rummaging the core legal norms and issues of constitutional obligations within the applicable legal regime to climate refugees. The present chapter visits climate migration from human rights dimension and articulates the place of rights in transition while determining their nature as human rights-based normative debate.

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