The Nature of Nurture in Surgery: A Drama in Four Acts (So Far)

  • David AldersonEmail author
Part of the Innovation and Change in Professional Education book series (ICPE, volume 17)


In 2010 I undertook research for a Master’s of Education in Surgical Education at Imperial College London. In this chapter I have endeavoured to give a flavour of the approaches I have tried in sharing the research findings—a continuing journey to promote resonance and reverberation for a variety of audiences. My research thesis essayed novel modes of presentation, drawing on the medical humanities for inspiration; it was written using the conventions of a theatre script throughout and included word pictures, visual models and an allegory. Subsequently, I have transformed the work into an actual stage play (‘True Cut’) in order to reach wider audiences.


Surgery-Medical education Thesis Audiences Theatre script Expertise Sensitising concept Lived experience Theory Cosmological model Teaching Learning Metaphor Individual interviews Research 


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