• Taylor Daniel
  • Chong Liu
  • Junyu Mou
  • Muhammad P. JahanEmail author
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Micro-wire-electro-discharge machining (micro-WEDM) is a widely used non-conventional micromachining process to fabricate three-dimensional (3D) complex micro-features in difficult-to-machine materials. This chapter offers a concise overview on the micro-WEDM process. A brief overview on the process mechanism, system components, parameters and variants of micro-WEDM has been provided in the chapter. In addition, some of the innovative applications and advanced research studies on the micro-WEDM have been discussed in brief. Finally, current challenges that limit the wide application of micro-WEDM in industries, as well as opportunities for future research, have been discussed at the end of the chapter.


Micro-wire-EDM System components Process mechanism Applications Advanced research Recommendation for future research 


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