Colonic Stent: Bridge to Surgery

  • Yoshihisa SaidaEmail author


Colonic stent (SEMS: self-expandable metallic stent) treatment for malignant colonic obstruction is one of the standard endoscopic treatments and has been available in Japan since 2012. In this review, the present conditions and future prospects of the procedure are described based on data from the literature. The current indication is malignant colorectal stenosis. Stent use in palliative treatment, avoidance of colostomy, release of obstruction, shorter duration of hospitalization, and better quality of life have been widely reported. Moreover, stent use can be a bridge to surgery (BTS), enabling shorter duration of hospitalization and reduced postoperative complications, colostomy rates, and mortality rates compared to emergency surgery. However, the evidence concerning patients’ long-term prognosis is still lacking. Although the reported complication rate is low, adequate preparation and informed consent are important because complications can still occur.


Colonic stent Colorectal obstruction Palliative treatment Bridge to surgery Colorectal Obstruction Scoring System 


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