A Review on Flexibility and Reconfigurability in Manufacturing System

  • Durga PrasadEmail author
  • S. C. Jayswal
Conference paper


Flexibility and reconfigurability both the terms are used in a manufacturing system. Flexibility is defined as the ability of a manufacturing system to change and assume different positions or states in response to changing requirements with little penalty in time, effort, cost, or performance. Reconfigurability is the ability of manufacturing system to adjust the functionality and capacity at low cost and time. In the present work, flexibility and reconfigurability have been discussed, compared, and reviewed. It gives the better understanding where these terms meet and deviate in a manufacturing system. It is an attempt to contribute to the conceptual systematization of the manufacturing flexibility and reconfigurability by synthesizing the vast literature available after a systematic review. This paper also presents the concept of flexible manufacturing system and reconfigurable manufacturing system.


Flexibility Reconfigurability Flexible manufacturing system Reconfigurable manufacturing system 


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