The Evolution of the US Policy toward Taiwan Issue: From Swinging Back and Forth to Establishing the Double Deterrence

  • Xiaochuan Sang


In its official statement and propaganda, the Chinese government always emphasized that the Taiwan Issue is China’s internal affair. In the history, because of the purpose of preventing Taiwan’s independence and promoting the reunification, Beijing has firmly opposed any behavior tending to internationalize the Taiwan Issue. From this perspective, a few scholars were inclined to limit their analysis of the Taiwan Issue to the two sides across the strait, studying how those internal factors of mainland China and Taiwan impacted the cross-strait relations. However, the influence of external factors should not be ignored. As a matter of fact, the complexity of the Taiwan Issue is to a large extent caused by the involvement of foreign countries with different positions and different relative power, which therefore makes Beijing and Taipei unable to fully shape the future development of the Taiwan Issue. As demonstrated in previous chapters, the pro-independence forces have been using the relative power of the US rather than that of Taiwan itself to determine the scope of its mainland policy, while Beijing also adjusted its policy many times to respond to the US intervention in the Taiwan Strait. In these circumstances, as the most influential factor in the Taiwan Issue, the role played by the US needs to be comprehensively examined in the research.

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