Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor

  • Yanliang DuEmail author
  • Baochen Sun
  • Jianzhi Li
  • Wentao Zhang


According to the optical structure and sensing principle, fiber gratings are divided into phase shift grating, chirped grating, blazed grating, long period grating, and Bragg grating. Based on the basic principle and theoretical analysis of fiber Bragg grating, this chapter systematically introduces and analyzes the sensing principle, structure design and strain sensing performance of fiber Bragg grating temperature self-compensating strain sensor, fiber grating soil-pressure sensor, fiber grating displacement sensor, and fiber grating tilt sensor based on material thermal stress.


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  • Jianzhi Li
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  • Wentao Zhang
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  2. 2.Institute of SemiconductorsBeijingChina

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