Modelling the Dao of Sun Tzu for Business

  • Seow Wah Sheh
Part of the The Chinese Management Book-of-Readings Series book series (TCMBRS)


For thousands of years, China was in a warring state and thus accumulated a lot of experience and wisdom in terms of war strategies. Some of the more common and well-known classics include Sunzi’s Art of War, Sun Pin’s Art of War and the Strategies of ZhuGe Liang, to name a few.

The Chinese are known for their good business acumen and their effective business strategies. The economic success of the Overseas Chinese and the mainland Chinese is no accident. Their success can very much be explained by their strategic thinking and their ability to observe opportune timing to realize their business objectives. If one is able to combine Western management principles with Chinese business strategies, then economic and business success will be a natural outcome.

This chapter is written to better interpret and apply the Sunzi’s Art of War in contemporary times from the perspective of the Chinese Dao philosophy especially using the works of Laozi and Zhuangzi. The works of the Dao philosophy is well known for its wisdom.


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