Forecasting, Yi Ching and San Bian Shu: A Chinese Approach for Gaining Foresight – An Interview of Jason Tan Beng Siang

  • Check-Teck Foo
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Background on Grand Master Jason Tan Beng Siang (陳光億): Singapore born Jason Tan Beng Siang is an independent scholar. He is devoted to the pursuit of continuing research into Chinese arts, culture, and philosophy. Most intriguingly, he is advancing the field of a Chinese approach to forecasting. In 2010 Beijing, China, he was named at a major international Conference as “The World’s Outstanding Chinese Forecaster” (世界杰出华人预测家). Grand Master Jason Tan has made a series of well-documented (in Chinese press) outstanding forecasts. He made this through the application of his invention, a unique process in forecasting. What is fascinating is its seeming simplicity akin to the Einstein’s E = mc2 (e energy, m mass, c speed of light). The technique is grounded on simple physics: time, space, and light (in the aspect of its colors). As will be illustrated through the interview, for a given entity (person, company, country, and the world) the key three variables are specifics of time for example, the hour of day, directionality in space, and the specific color in the light spectrum. Through this interview, it is hoped that the reader may gain glimpses into his working mind. Master Jason Tan has devoted more than 20 years studying of “Yi-Jing” (or I Ching). In the process, he founded a methodology to interpret the profound mysteries of nature. His methodology is derived upon the traditional Yi-Jing within the ancient framework of Yin-Yang and Five Elements (五行Wu-Xin). He is highly distinguished for he had discovered through his deep research, a new, enhanced wisdom: the Sing-Yi-Jing (新易经), the “Three Variables” (三变数San Bian Shu). Here, the Editor of Finance Inside China, Professor Foo Check Teck hopes to shed some light into Sing-Yi-Jing through this interview.

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