Bioremediation of Gurugram–Faridabad Dumpsite at Bandhwari

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  • Almitra Patel
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The Bandhwari dumpsite, located along the Gurugram–Faridabad highway, had 25 lakh tons of garbage in the form of a mountain 100 ft in height and 400 ft in length, covering close to 15 acres of the 34-acre dumpsite (Photo 1). This garbage had been dumped without treatment on a daily basis for 3 years. It had generated leachate covering over 10 acres of land (Photo 2) and flowing through the back wall into a forest quarry, from where 900 tankers of leachate were removed in 2016 before bioremediation began. Some of the leachate ponds inside the site were over 10 ft deep. This piled up waste and its unbearable stench, plus flies and birds were causing problems to nearby villages of up to 10 kms away.

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