Middle School Years

  • Masahiko Aoki


At Shōnan Gakuen, the entrepreneurial head of school Ms. Miyashita had founded the middle school after the grade school, and in 1950 my class became the third to enter middle school there. The classroom building was next to a rice paddy, a school building no longer in use that had been minimally restored. There was an area we called the “haunted house” which was dangerous and off limits. Contrary to its outward appearance, in reality the school offered a meaningful experience. The family backgrounds of the students were diverse, ranging from former major industrialists, former lords, leaders in the economic world to ordinary company employees, shopkeepers, single parents; and the students’ abilities were all over the map in terms of talents, strengths, academics, IQ, and athletics. It was a positive time for postwar democracy that overcame the status consciousness of the old order, and boys and girls played together in a friendly manner. Recently I attended a class reunion which brought back vivid memories of classmates from decades ago.

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