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I was born on April 1, 1938, April Fool’s Day, in Nagoya, where my father was posted at the trading company where he was employed. About a year later we moved to Mita, in Tokyo, where my father had grown up. From the time I can remember we lived in the Shōnan coast area, in Kugenuma and Katase (Fig. 7.1). My father was drafted into the military when I was very young. As a university graduate employed by a trading company, he would have been given a post like accounting, but for some reason he applied to be a regular soldier and was sent to China. At times he wrote letters to families of soldiers who didn’t know how to write. Having been bullied by his unit commander, who had only a grade school education, he was occasionally beset by nightmares even after the end of the war. He said that years later he happened to bump into this former commander, who dashed away from him. After that he no longer had those bad dreams.

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