From Whence My DNA

  • Masahiko Aoki


In prewar days, it was apparently not unusual for a midwife to be the go between in introducing marriage prospects. No doubt this was because she was familiar with the families she served and had a good network of information. My parents were introduced to each other in this way and married. My father had graduated from the Faculty of Economics at University of Tokyo and worked at Mitsui Bussan trading company; and my mother was the eldest daughter of a small-scale businessman. The midwife thought that “this is a good match between a poor but educated man and a somewhat wealthy household,” and most likely brought this prospect to my father’s mother and my mother’s father. (My father’s father had already passed away.) My mother agreed, thinking that marrying someone who worked for a trading company may give her the chance to go abroad. But that hope soon evaporated with the outbreak of the Pacific War.

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