Conclusion: The Challenge of the Trans-boundary Game

  • Masahiko Aoki


From the perspective of each individual’s subjective view, the fact that each individual is a player in the social game can be likened to each of them playing their own “game of life” within society. By participating in the social game, they reference, whether consciously or unconsciously, the way to play the game that is taken for granted in their world, in other words the “de facto rules of the game (systems).” However, as I have repeatedly stated, this is not the entirety of our experience. There are rich diversities and disparities in the images that people harbor about the forms of the social game. Individual factors, such as DNA and personal histories, affect the shaping of the image regarding the game, and the resultant awareness of the issues and inclinations for problem-solving. Also involved in the results of the selected actions are factors such as the local environment and occurrences surrounding the individual as well as chance, luck, and misfortune. Thus, the playing of the game of life contains “stories” inherent to each person.

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